St. Andrews Center is a faith based neighborhood center located in the inner-city community of Highland Park in Chattanooga Tennessee.

Our Mission …

St. Andrews Center promotes Spiritual, Educational, Economic and Social growth for individuals and the community.

Meeting the Mission …

St. Andrews Center works toward this mission primarily through two strategic paths:

St. Andrews Center Programs

Our programs fall into two focus areas:

(i) Arts and Education

St. Andrews Center Arts Academy is a free after-school program focusing on using the Arts to develop and foster personal and academic growth. The elementary age students served through this program come from neighborhoods with high crime, growing gang activity, and low income levels.

(ii) Faith and Food Initiatives

Located in an area classified as a food desert we seek to meet physical needs for fresh food while promoting an appreciation of the power of a creating God to provide an abundant life. Current programs include a Community Garden and a Gleaning Network with area farmers. Future programs will include teaching people to grow food on our own teaching farm.

Building Partners / Non-Profit Incubator

St. Andrews Center facilitates expanded ministry and services to the community by offering other non-profit agencies and ministries lower cost space in which to conduct their programs. Although each agency remains autonomous, the building partner program results in a more effective synergy of service to our community as people live out the experience of collaborating and sharing re­sources for common purposes under one roof.

Our Vision is a community, engaged in

Enriching Spirits, Enhancing Futures, Changing Lives.